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International Tax

Meet overseas tax obligations without overpaying.

CLA not only escorts you through the maze of international compliance, we offer tax-efficient operational strategies and proactive advice on mitigating risk so you can seize opportunities for cross-border growth.

What’s on your mind?

  • Managing the tax implications of global expansion
  • Understanding the tax impact of foreign investment
  • Dealing with repatriation of foreign earnings
  • Avoiding double taxation and taking advantage of foreign tax credits
  • Developing tax-compliant transfer pricing policies
  • Minimizing the value-added tax (VAT)

Create opportunities with CLA

When your business moves onto the global stage, you have way more questions about taxes than answers. In fact, most business owners aren’t even sure what those questions really are or should be. So let CLA’s international tax professionals guide you through these increasingly complex foreign regulations. Whether you’re planning your move abroad or in the thick of cross-border operations, we’ll model strategies and offer ideas for minimizing your multi-country overall effective tax rate. As we strive to mitigate your exposure to penalties, we never lose sight of your global business objectives — so you can be confident that you are complying without overpaying, all while moving forward with your international plans.

International tax services