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2020 Higher Education Webinar Series

  • 12/16/2020
  • Webinar
  • Speaking Hosting

11 a.m. – noon CT

Join us for these complimentary webinars, which will highlight hot topics, updates, and best practices for higher education institutions.


Updates to the Financial Responsibility Ratio Requirements
May 20 

The calculation used to determine your institution’s financial responsibility composite score is changing. As a result, it’s possible your score could change. If a new score means your institution fails the standard, there are implications. In this session, we will go through the changes within the calculation, the new requirements of the supplemental schedule, and how you can prepare.

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Outsourcing Best Practices
June 24

While the term “outsourcing” has often had a negative connotation within higher education, in reality, nearly every institution outsources many functions every day. Join us to discuss ways in which colleges and universities are outsourcing different finance and accounting functions for greater flexibility, performance, and quality or to address workforce shortages.

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Cost Containment Strategies to Endure the Impacts
of COVID-19
July 22

Both private and public sectors of higher education were already facing significant financial headwinds. The impact of COVID-19 could be severe. Discover how many colleges and universities are finding ways to transform their business models and contain costs.

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NCAA Agreed Upon Procedures Update
August 19

This session will help you identify the requirements for NCAA reporting, who is involved in this reporting, and the requirements for receiving an agreed upon procedures report relating to such reporting. There will also be guidance surrounding internal controls, tips for understanding the reporting categories, and overall best practices.

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Navigating With Excellence in Unpredictable Times
September 23

The ability to adapt to change is critical for your institution to survive and thrive going forward. This session will discuss how establishing a dynamic strategy, with an agile board and proactive risk management processes, can help support short- and long-term goals as your college or university responds to the new normal. In addition, we’ll explore how collaboration and proper alignment can help address the challenges facing many boards today.

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Tax Update
October 21

This session covers recent legislative actions, ongoing tax and compliance initiatives, and IRS hot topics impacting your higher education institution. In addition, we also take a look at the risk elements that face colleges and universities related to unrelated business income (UBI), tax, and compliance.

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How Much Does it Cost to Educate a Student? Understanding Program Costs and Academic Contribution Margins
November 18

An academic program-based financial model identifies what it truly costs to educate a student. Both revenue and expense are setup to follow the student and understand how costs vary for different types of students. This type of financial model allows decisions to be made with an understanding of the impact on specific degrees, programs, or departments instead of broad units or functions.

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Cyber Hygiene for a Remote Workforce
December 16

This session will provide an update on the changing cybersecurity landscape that, as a result of the current pandemic, is forcing organizations to increase remote working and learning capabilities.

Learning objectives

  • Identify common attacks that are increasing due to the shift in remote work
  • Identify opportunities when implementing a remote workforce
  • Recognize what types of remote access are acceptable and/or secure


  • David Anderson, Principal, Cybersecurity, CLA
  • Kadian Douglas, Principal, Cybersecurity, CLA
  • Nishanth Rodrigues, Chief Information Officer, The University of Mississippi

Who should attend
Management and IT leaders

Recommended CPE
1 credit available: Information Technology



Prerequisites: None
Program level: Overview
Advance preparation: None
Delivery method: Group Internet Based

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